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Can’t wait to try N3 first? It’s time to join Neoverse now!

Today marks the beginning of the final phase for Neo N3 MainNet rollout as mass migration goes live — and this is just the beginning of our brand new journey.

To celebrate the launch of the N3…

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted Saffron Finance as the sixth project to join the N3 Early Adoption Program.

NGD rolled out the N3 Early Adoption Program in June of 2021. The program allocates $10 million to provide financial and other support to encourage enthusiastic, driven developers and project teams…

Neo has partnered with InfStones, the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure service provider, to launch Neo N3 public API services on the InfStones platform. …

Neo-CLI v3.0.3 was released on October 8, 2021. The corresponding TestNet will be set up on October 9, 2021. As a hotfix version, Neo-CLI v3.0.3 has fixed some known bugs and optimized the UE.

If this TestNet runs smoothly, NGD will organize the N3 MainNet upgrade at 08:00 a.m. GMT on October 14, 2021.

The comprehensive list of improvements and optimizations in this version:

  • Fix CheckWitness for WitnessScope.CustomGroups
  • Add Copyright and License declaration
  • Add ECC encrypt & decrypt in Neo
  • Add source in NEF file to show source link
  • Add highlights in CLI console system to improve user friendliness
  • Add 2 RPC API: getstate, findstates to get historical state

Please note: This TestNet update requires resynchronization from block 0 to ensure data correctness.

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted a new, early-stage project from Defina Finance, a blockchain game that innovates at the intersection of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, as the fifth project to join the N3 Early Adoption Program.

The Early Adoption Program, which debuted in June of 2021, allocates $10…

On September 28th, Neo co-founders Da Hongfei & Erik Zhang had a Reddit AMA about Neo N3. Our engaged Neo community jumped in with hundreds of questions and comments. Discussion highlights are as follows:

Question 1

The substance is there, but the marketing is not. What plans have you to…

Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced Rentfuse as the latest partner accepted into the new N3 Early Adoption Program. NGD recently rolled out the Early Adoption Program to encourage development of and collaboration among high-potential, new projects in the N3 blockchain ecosystem. …

The Neo Global Development (NGD) team has welcomed TranslateMe Network into the new N3 Early Adoption Program, a program to jumpstart high-potential projects within the thriving Neo N3 ecosystem. …

This tutorial will guide you through the process of placing an order, opening the blind boxes and minting an NFT.

  1. Connect to your Neoline Wallet. And make sure your Neoline wallet version is 3.4.3

The Neo Legacy MainNet will stop generating GAS tokens when it hits the block height milestone of 8,000,000. Based on current block-out speed, we expect this to occur shortly — as soon as September 19, 2021.

Both to ensure consistency in the total GAS supply on Neo Legacy and the…


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