Last week we launched Neo N3 RC4, which we are hopeful will pass all our stability tests and graduate to become the Neo N3 Formal TestNet. Once we have achieved this milestone, we will begin rolling out the Neo N3 MainNet, along with migration and governance.

While we are not yet ready to finalize dates, we can outline how we intend to move from Neo Legacy to Neo N3. We can also reveal some of the migration options that will be available at a high level.

Essentially, the rollout will occur in three phases: TestNet, MainNet Setup, and Mass Migration…

Congratulations to all the winners and lucky voters!

We launched a creative content competition under the theme of #Neoishere few months ago. Overall, more than 700 people participated and voted for this competition. We have been surprised by the level of creativity and enthusiasm throughout the event. We appreciate everyone for active participation!

As we mentioned in our competition terms and conditions, 11 best submissions and 10 lucky community voters will be rewarded with prize.

✉️ Notice

After going through the voting stage period, there were two submissions which received the same amount of votes by the community. …

Two months ago, we put out a call for trailblazers who were up to the challenge of being among the first to build applications using N3. More than 670 developers signed up to answer that call — and we were blown away by the results.

All up, participants submitted 60 plans and 58 projects during the competition. These dApps used many of N3’s new features, such as native oracles and NeoFS, demonstrating functionality that was never before possible on a single chain.

Our contestants were also the first to use the many tools developed by our global community, including the…

Neo N3 RC4 codebase was released on 2021/07/20, the corresponding TestNet will be set up on 2021/07/21. This update includes the completion of all the tasks required for Neo N3, and is a candidate of the Neo N3 Formal TestNet.

The comprehensive list of improvements and optimizations in this version:

  • Nonce-based random number generator for smart contracts that can be improved with BLS in the future
  • OSX compatibility
  • Get network syscall
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations especially in VM and Oracle

The deployment of RC4 is a step on the final road to Neo N3 MainNet. In the following weeks…

Thanks to all global communities for participating our Creative Content Competition. Now it’s reward time!

With Neo N3 MainNet launch on the way, from the start of July, we have launched the upgrade version of creative content competition for Neo global communities with the theme of #Neoishere. During the submission period, we have received a lot of creative contents including memes and videos etc. We are truly grateful for the support and encouragement from all global communities.

As we close the submission stage, we are proud to present the following creative submissions and the voting staging is now open!

☑️ Timeline

  1. Now…

As we reach the final stage before the N3 MainNet launch, the Neo Foundation has recently sent out a recruitment for initial members of the Neo Council, in order to ensure the stability of the Neo N3 MainNet during its early phases.

The team received dozens of applications during the recruitment process. After a series of thorough assessments, the final 10 community candidates have been selected, together with another 11 initial members filled by the Neo Foundation and NGD, they will form the initial Neo Council during N3 MainNet Launch.

After token migration begins, NEO holders can start voting for…

With the full-scale launch of Neo N3 MainNet approaching, the blockchain sector has also been undergoing a transformation with DeFi, NFT, and other innovations driving forward development.

Featuring a comprehensive array of features ranging from a built-in native prophecy machine to NeoFS, a decentralized storage module to NeoID, a decentralized identity authentication system, Neo N3 aims to leap to the front of the pack. With the aim of deploying DeFi, NFT, and future-oriented applications, Neo N3 will deliver unparalleled efficiency and security at a low-cost to become the foundation for next-gen blockchain.

To achieve this vision, the development team will…

Show your creativity and get rewarded!

To welcome and celebrate the MainNet launch of Neo N3, while promoting engagement and awareness within the Neo global community, we have earlier launched a community video competition under the theme of “#Neoishere”.

After receiving feedback from the community, we are now upgrading the competition, in terms of content scope, preparation time, and more importantly the total prize amount!

  • In order to engage more global community members, we have extended the content scope to all creative content types (including but not limited to videos, GIFs, images, digital arts, and etc.).
  • The final date of…

Send Neo a video message and get rewarded!

To welcome and celebrate the MainNet launch of Neo N3, while promoting engagement and awareness within the Neo global community, Neo is calling for video messages from global community members under the theme of “#Neoishere”. Neo will select the most creative videos and present them as one final video, which will be released publicly during the N3 MainNet launch.

📅 Timeline:

  1. Jun 16th — Jun 30th, Submission period.
  2. July 1st — July 9th, Review of videos.
  3. MainNet Launch, Release of the final video.

🙋 How to Participate:

  1. Shoot a video (within 30 seconds) using a 16:9 aspect ratio;

2020 was the year DeFi exploded. A plethora of projects rapidly developed and took off on the Ethereum network — however, Ethereum’s high GAS fees and performance ceiling rapidly resulted in a strong spillover effect. At the same time, Binance Smart Chain — an Ethereum compatible public chain — quickly captured a large number of projects thanks to its low GAS fees and easily accessible development environment. As an Ethereum compatible chain, BSC seemed to offer the best of both worlds.

But does this solution really represent the pinnacle of a public chain’s potential? From our perspective, no. This approach…


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