Announcing the Neo X Pre-Alpha TestNet Launch

Developers are invited to join the Early-Access Group to test Neo X.

3 min readDec 29, 2023

Today, we are delighted to launch the pre-alpha TestNet of Neo X, Neo’s much-anticipated sidechain.

Neo X is an EVM-compatible sidechain incorporating Neo’s distinctive dBFT consensus mechanism. Serving as a bridge between Neo N3 and the widely adopted EVM network, we expect Neo X to significantly expand the Neo ecosystem and provide developers with broader pathways for innovation.

In this pre-alpha version of the TestNet, we have aligned the Engine and dBFT interfaces. The main features are as follows:

  • dBFT consensus engine support has been added to Ethereum nodes. Geth Ethereum node implementation is taken as a basis.
  • A set of pre-configured stand by validators act as dBFT consensus nodes. All the advantages, features and mechanics of dBFT consensus are precisely preserved.
  • Ethereum P2P protocol is extended with dBFT-specific consensus messages.
  • Invasive existing Ethereum block structure modifications are avoided as much as possible to stay compatible with existing Ethereum ecosystem tools. MixHash block field is reused to store NextConsensus information and Nonce field is reused to store dBFT Primary index.
  • Multisignature scheme used in Neo N3 is adopted to the existing Ethereum block structure, so that it’s possible for Neo X consensus nodes to add M out of N signature to the block and properly verify signature correctness. Extra block field is reused for this purpose.
  • Secp256k1 signatures are used for block signing.

The multi-node dBFT consensus mechanism, enveloped transactions, and a seamless native bridge connecting Neo X with Neo N3 will be introduced in subsequent versions.

*Please be aware that this pre-alpha version of NeoX is in the active development phase, meaning that ALL data will be cleared in future updates.

Join the Early-Access Group to Test Neo X

As part of our commitment to collaborative development, we invite developers from the Neo community and beyond to join the Early-Access Group and test Neo X’s features.

The necessary links for the test, including but not limited to the RPC URL, Chain ID, and Neo X explorer URL, will be disclosed in the group. Our core development team will be actively present in the group, offering direct technical support as you explore Neo X and its capabilities.

To join the Neo X Early-Access Group, please register via the form provided here. Upon approval, you will receive an invitation to a private Discord group where you can meet your fellow participants.

Feedback you provide within the group will be critical, and your insights will help us build a robust infrastructure that will enhance the developer experience.

Joining the group will also grant continuous access to key information about Neo sidechain development, privileges in upcoming sidechain-centered marketing campaigns with prizes, and a direct connection to collaborate with the Neo Eco-Growth team for potential partnerships and investments.

The Neo X Early-Access Group has no set end date, allowing developers to engage with the TestNet during the holiday season and beyond. Wishing you joyous holidays and a productive journey with the Neo X TestNet!

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