Congratulations to the Neo Ecosystem GasBot Gifting Event Winners!

The Neo Ecosystem GasBot Gifting Event is a wrap (yes, we said that). Community members gave each other more than 400 tips, and the sponsoring projects and Neo Global Development put 192 gift NFTs under the tree.

We’ve drawn the gift winners using the PROPS collection contract on Neo N3. There’s no return receipt, so we hope you like what the sponsors got you!

The winning GasBot addresses can be found in the below spreadsheet:

Tip: If you’re unsure what your GasBot address is, you can check it by using the /deposit command

How to open your gifts

If your GasBot address was drawn to receive a gift NFT, you can follow these directions to claim and unwrap your present:

  1. The gift NFTs have been distributed directly to your GasBot address. Everyone who received a gift has also received 0.5 GAS per gift to pay for transaction fees.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Cheers to everyone who spread holiday joy across the Neo community! Congratulations to the competition winners, and thanks again to our contest sponsors: Blockchain Cuties, DogeRift, COZ, Flamingo Finance, Forthewin Network, GhostMarket, ILEX, Meme2Earn, NeoCandy, NeoLine, Neo News Today, Quirky Soul College, and Supernova!

As always, the Neo ecosystem community is the best ecosystem community. Happy holidays from the Neo team to every one of you!



Official Twitter Feed: @Neo_Blockchain

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