February General Development Monthly Report

Migration, Exchange, and Token Listings

  • HitBTC migrated NEO and GAS assets from Neo Legacy to Neo N3, adding to the growing list of exchanges that allow holders to buy and sell NEO and GAS tokens.
  • GhostMarket’s GM governance token was listed on non-custodial exchanges including Quickswap and Demex.
  • Flamingo Finance added the CAKE token to its DeFi platform and launched an FLP-FLM-fCAKE pool, allowing users to convert Flamingo assets to fCAKE (the NEP-17 wrapped version of the BEP-20 CAKE token) and unwrap fCAKE using a connected wallet that supports BSC.


Community Engagement

First hackathon of 2022

AMAs and other virtual events

Neo in the news

  • An article that highlighted Neo’s infrastructure development and featured commentary from leaders with NFT projects that run on Neo N3
  • An article that discussed the impact of the Neo N3 blockchain, new NFT marketplaces, and China’s BSN on Neo
  • An interview with NEO holders who spoke to why they hold NEO

Ecosystem Growth

  • Dogerift, a new meme-based game, joined the Neo N3 ecosystem, announcing plans to release an alpha version this spring.
  • Flamingo Finance:
  • The NekoHit Project, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, launched on the Neo N3 MainNet.
  • NeoBurger integrated support for Neon Wallet, allowing users to claim GAS from bNEO via the Neon Wallet.
  • Rentfuse launched on the Neo N3 TestNet and completed a test minting.

Developer group highlights



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