Introducing the Neospective Creation Contest

7 min readDec 8, 2021

(This article was updated on Jan. 4, 2022)

Round 1, Diagram Design

Calling the members of our global Neo communities: Since the launch of the Neo N3 MainNet, many of you have asked how you can get involved to help drive Neo’s adoption and growth. We heard you: We’re excited to announce a new opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the community.

Meet Neospective, the new Neo creation contest! Neospective is a new, long-term content collaboration program hosted by Neo Global Development (NGD). Neospective brings you another way to engage in the Neo community, make unique contributions based on your own skills and passions, and compete for community-voted prizes of up to USD $600.

For the first round of the contest, starting today and running through January 15th, 2022, we’re calling for your creative diagram designs. Read on to learn more about all the ways you can compete, including both the Neospective main track — and complementary companion tracks sponsored by Flamingo, TOTHEMOON, Humswap, and GhostMarket!

Why Neospective?

We at Neo are continually inspired by the time, energy, and soul that this vibrant community brings to all things Neo. Community project developers who contribute to the Neo protocol, stack, and associated capabilities do amazing work. But not every Neo community member is a developer. And not every meaningful contribution to the Neo community requires a GitHub commit.

Everyone in our community has something to offer. We’ve designed this contest as a fun new way to encourage community engagement and foster creation of all kinds of content about Neo N3. We know that the content entries will be awesome, but the best thing about them will be that they come from the unique perspectives of you, the Neo community members.

If you want to share your own ideas by creating content to showcase or teach about Neo N3, then the Neospective Creation Contest is for you. We hope you’ll let your imagination run wild: We can’t wait to be amazed by your work!

How It Works

Before you get started, to make sure that your work is eligible, please review the requirements and the terms and conditions outlined at the end of this announcement.

Round 1 theme: Diagram designs

We’ve divided the Neospective Creation Contest into multiple rounds. Each round will focus on a different type of content. Round requirements will vary by content type.

Round 1 is all about diagram designs. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to join in! You just need to share your knowledge or passion for Neo N3 through a diagram that’s shaped by your perspective about Neo N3. Whether your diagram is an unpolished but inspired first attempt, or a stunning professional work, your contributions will enrich the Neo community.

Main Track

How to submit a contest entry

The submission period runs from December 8th until January 15th.

To enter a diagram in the contest:

  1. Follow Neo on Twitter:
  2. To enter:
  • Post a tweet in which you share your Neo-themed diagram. Use the hashtag #Neospective and tag @Neo_Blockchain.
  • Send your contact information and a link to your diagram tweet here.
  • Now you’re entered!

3. In addition to your official contest entry, you also can post your work in the r/NEO community to share it with community members who may wish to tip you in GAS via the r/NEO GasBot as a further incentive for your efforts.

How to vote on contest entries

You can be a part of the contest even if you don’t have a diagram to contribute: Just vote for your favorite entries! After the January 15th final submission date, we will invite the Neo global community to select contest winners through two rounds of judging.

Voting period

January 15th — January 22nd— vote for the top 4 diagrams:

NGD will provide a Google form that lists the links to all eligible diagrams. Each voter may vote for up to 2 different entries in the form. (If a voter votes for the same submission multiple times, this will be counted as one vote in total.)

January 22nd — January 23rd— vote to rank the top 4 diagrams:

@Neo Smart Economy will set up a public poll at where you can vote to rank the top 4 entries selected in Part 1.

By voting, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to receive one of 20 awards of a Neoverse NFT blind box each. Voting entries will be counted as one entry per voter in total.

Contest prizes

To celebrate your ideas and efforts, we’ll award top place prizes ranging from USD $200–600 each.

  • NGD will award prizes to the top 4 best qualifying works as selected by the community. Prizes will be awarded in $NEO:

First Place: USD $600

Second Place: USD $400

Third Place: USD $300

Fourth Place: USD $200

  • Up to 20 additional, randomly drawn qualifying entries will be submitted to receive honorable mention awards of USD $25 in GAS each.
  • For every qualified submission, entrants will receive a Neoverse NFT blind box as an entry prize!
  • Awards will be distributed after Part 2 of the voting period is completed.

Companion Tracks

There are more ways to join the competition! Key partners in the Neo N3 ecosystem are sponsoring sub-tracks to the Neo main-track diagram design competition: Flamingo, TOTHEMOON, Humswap, and GhostMarket. ​​

You may enter theme diagrams to compete for prizes in either or both of the core Neo main track and in one or more of these partner companion tracks:

  • Humswap: Humswap will choose some of the fantastic diagrams related to Humswap to receive a BOWL NFT.
  • GhostMarket: GhostMarket will award a $100 GM token to the best diagram related to GhostMarket. In addition to that, three Neospective projects/works minted on GhostMarket during the contest period will be in the running for an additional total of $150 worth of prizes.
  • Flamingo: Flamingo will select a winning diagram related to Flamingo to receive 1000 FLM tokens.
  • TOTHEMOON: 2 Cryptonauts and 2 Moon Creatures NFTs will be awarded across 4 winners.

For details and competition rules of each companion track contest, watch for upcoming announcements from each participating partner project.


You can review these diagram requirements and tips to help you prepare your entry for Round 1:

  1. Let your creativity flow! Do your best to catch our eyes and evoke the whole community with your brilliant inspiration and marvelous ideas — Nothing goes before creativity!
  2. There are no specific requirements for your diagram’s size.
  3. All entries must include elements reflecting Neo’s branding image (logo, slogan, products, etc.), with high relevance to the Neo N3 theme.
  4. Check out the Neo press kit to access Neo branding images, colors, etc.
  5. Recommended topics could include any of the following — or let your own creativity flow! Do your best to catch our eyes and evoke the whole community with your brilliant inspiration and marvelous ideas — Nothing goes before creativity:
  • New eco-projects in the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program
  • Neoverse: Metaverse built on Neo N3
  • N3 migration: The largest asset migration in the history of the blockchain industry
  • All-in-one: Nine new technical features of Neo N3

6. For the purposes of this contest, a diagram is simply a symbolic. representation of information using visual techniques. You may enter any type of diagram into this contest, as long as figures and information listed are accurate.

  • For example: table, bar, or other chart types; flowcharts (such as a voting tutorial or other multi-step process); creating a picture out of existing information about Neo; etc.
  • Some examples for inspiration are shown below:
  • Create a visual introduction to the 9 new technical features of N3

Select 1 of the 9 new technical features of N3 and create a diagram to illustrate its advantages.

All-in-one: Introduce N3 as a full-featured blockchain development platform.

Compare N3 with other blockchain development platforms to illustrate the advantages of N3.

Provide a panorama view of the Neo N3 ecosystem.

For specific requirements of each companion track, please refer to the upcoming announcements from each participating eco-project.

Terms and Conditions

By entering the contest, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You may submit more than one diagram to the contest.
  • Each individual entrant to the Neo main-track contest is eligible to win only 1 prize. However, if one or more entries from the same individual receive high marks but don’t win because you already won a prize for another stellar work, NGD will still officially promote your other diagram(s) in the Neo community and on Neo social platforms.
  • Works that received an incentive from NGD before the launch of the Neospective Creation Contest will not be rewarded again.
  • Do not use any copyrighted materials unless you have the copyright or written permission to use them.
  • Your content must comply with all local laws and regulations. Please do not post anything promoting illegal, racist, or hatred behaviors; this will disqualify your entry.
  • By submitting an entry to the contest, you as a participant agree to grant NGD the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, and/or display the participant’s video without further compensation or notification to you.
  • NGD reserves the right to explain and change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Learn More

Neo official website:

Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain

Join the Neo community: Discord/Telegram