General Report-June: Consensus 2022 Special

Neo at Consensus 2022

Neo booth visitors interact with the PROPS-powered treasure chest game on the Neo N3 blockchain.
Team members from Neo, NNT, COZ, and AxLabs celebrate a successful event.

Neo Polaris Launchpad news

  • Part 1: NeoDAO, Bower Bird, DAO Cake,, SOMIUMWAVE
  • Part 2: Findtruman, Dogerift,, Feedio, Neo-Effisend
  • Part 3: Greenfinch, Latchbox, Pumpkin Swap, Student Data System

Neo N3 platform news

  • Neo deployed Neo-CLI v3.3.0 to the T5 TestNet and MainNet to address stability issues detected during testing of v3.3.0.
  • Neo updated the Neo Blockchain Toolkit to bring it up to date with the Neo blockchain v3.3.1.

Exchange and wallet news

  • Binance Staking launched a locked staking feature for NEO and offered incentives for users during an initial promotional period.
  • Binance opened withdrawals of the NEP-17 FLM token.
  • The OneGate mobile wallet application added support for Flamingo Finance and Forthewin Network.

Governance news

Expanded EcoBoost program funding

  • Neo announced that it has increased funding for the EcoBoost program to $200 million for grants and other business incubation to support high-potential projects built on Neo N3. EcoBoost has accepted several new projects through Polaris Launchpad and other channels in 2022 and continues to take applications.

Community engagement


Neo in the news

  • John deVadoss joined the Global Blockchain Business Council’s Board of Directors.
  • John deVadoss also was interviewed for a Windshield Time podcast.

Ecosystem news

  • Forthewin Network launched an initial DEX offering of its NEP governance and utility token on the Neo blockchain; completed the IDO for its NEP token and launched its Swap module on the Neo N3 MainNet; and collaborated with TOTHEMOON to create new Fused Cryptonaut tokens for use in Arena battles.
  • Flamingo Finance
  1. Announced that it has absorbed the Lyrebird Finance team as part of an IP and talent acquisition. Going forward, Lyrebird’s reverse USDL stablecoin pool will only allow users to swap in (not out). While LRB will continue to be tradable, an LRB Fund has been structured similar to Flamingo’s FLUND. Flamingo will also develop an FUSD stablecoin modeled after MakerDAO’s DAI over-collateralization method.
  2. Released the beta version of its Advanced Trade section, which lets users search for trading pairs, view trading pair histories, and execute trades.
  3. Listed the SOMNIUMWAVE NEP-17 SOM token in a reverse liquidity pool, paired against FLM.
  4. Integrated claim and trade history features on its platform so users can see previous actions taken on their wallets.
  • GhostMarket integrated support for royalties at the contract level and held an art contest in which entrants competed for prizes by minting their NFTs on the Neo blockchain via GhostMarket.
  • Hacash.Diamonds distributed 25 GAS each to the founding members of the 1H1BDAO.
  • NeoLine announced NeoLine Chrome extension support for the Ledger hardware wallet and provided a guide for its use.
  • NudesToken updated its meme-to-earn website.
  • Rentfuse launched its NFT renting protocol on the Neo N3 MainNet.
  • TOTHEMOON collaborated with Forthewin Network to create Fused Cryptonaut tokens (as noted above) and also reduced the total supply of TOTHEMOON Item NFTs and released an overview of its resource tokens.

Developer communities news

  • AxLabs, in collaboration with Neo News Today, Red4Sec, COZ, and other sponsored Neo developer communities, launched the GrantShares DAO, described in detail above.
  • COZ
  1. Released Neon Wallet mobile v1.0.31, which added NFT features and provided minor bug fixes.
  2. Released Dora blockchain explorer v0.1.3
  3. Released boa v0.11.3
  4. Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.99.0, a major upgrade offering compatibility with Neo-CLI v3.3.0.



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