General Report-March Through May: Polaris Launchpad Special

Polaris Launchpad highlights

  • The Polaris Launchpad Planathon phase kicked off on March 7th and offered several virtual sessions to help participants plan for successful project entries:
  • The Polaris Launchpad Hackathon Phase began on April 12.
  • The Polaris Plus bonus funding round phase opened for community voting on June 8th and concludes on July 15th:

Neo N3 platform news

Migration and exchange news

  • The BigONE custodial exchange launched a liquidity mining campaign for the GAS/USDT pool.
  • Neo Global Development partnered with the SocialFi application Bit.Store to make NEO more accessible in Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Bitfinex announced and implemented support for migration from Neo Legacy to Neo N3.
  • announced the availability of new trading pairs, including $ETH with $NEO.
  • The Inst.Money fiat on- and off-ramp launched support for N3 NEO, enabling users to buy and sell USDT and NEO directly through the platform using USD or EURO.

Governance news

  • Binance Staking secured two positions on the 21-member Neo Council.
  • Decentralized staking provider Everstake published a Spanish-language translation of its new OneGate voting guide and released a user guide on how to participate in Neo’s governance process by using bNEO and swapping NEO for bNEO on the Neo Bruger website.
  • AxLabs announced GrantShares, a DAO designed to distribute funding to grassroots developers and beneficial ecosystem projects (including marketing, documentation, tutorials, research, development, and more). GrantShares has since opened for applications.

First EcoBoost partnership of 2022

  • Neo welcomed Hacash.Diamonds, a platform that provides professional collecting and trading services for a specialized type of NFT, as the first new partner to join the expanded $200 million EcoBoost partner program in 2022. The program is taking further applications now.

Community engagement


  • Bit.Store hosted an AMA with John Wang, Neo head of Eco Growth.
  • Hacash.Diamonds participated in a Neo Live AMA.

Neospective Creation Contest: Round 2

  • NGD opened the Neospective Creation Contest Round 2: Neo Hackathon Mascot on May 6. Community members are submitting entries now. Judging begins on July 5th.

Neo in the news

  • Neo News Today interviewed NGD Enterprise Chief Architect Harry Pierson about the latest version of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit’s debugger experience.
  • Neo joined the BlockDown Festival Croatia as a Diamond Sponsor, where NGD Zurich Lead Lili Zhao delivered a presentation on value creation in the smart economy and Guil. Sperb Machado, co-founder of AxLabs, served as a panelist in a session on DAOs.
  • Zhao also moderated a panel at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and spoke to CryptoSlate about the future of Neo and of NFTs.
  • NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined an episode of the Untold Stories podcast hosted by Charlie Shrem, and discussed the shift from Web2 to Web3 on the Telusko YouTube channel. deVadoss also participated in a panel entitled “Innovation, Standards, and Regulation: Enabling Digital Assets at Scale” at the Blockchain Hub in Davos 2022, participated in an Q&A session with Magazine by Cointelegraph, and led a workshop on the InterWork Alliance’s Token Taxonomy Framework.
  • Neo announced a sponsorship for the June KaratDAO Elysium event.
  • Neo also announced a 3 Block level sponsorship for Consensus 2022, the world’s biggest and longest-running crypto festival, which took place in June.

Ecosystem news

  • Token listings and staking news within the Neo ecosystem included:
  • Other ecosystem news highlights included
  • Lyrebird released an article proposing a fractional reserve method for the USDL stablecoin and a new incentive structure to combat an algorithmic protocol collapse.
  • Mega Oasis auctioned its second series, MetaPanacea II, selling out the two new and highest-priced categories.
  • Mercurial Apps released the N3 NFT Tracker, an all-in-one data aggregator for NFT projects and marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem. Mercurial Apps also released a TOTHEMOON NFT token trader that lets users trustlessly trade for TTM NNTs.
  • Neo Candy released an alpha version of Candy Clash, a game allowing users to mint character NFTs on Neo N3 TestNet.
  • Neo News Today launched the Smart Economy Podcast, designed to deliver insights from subject matter experts from all facets of the blockchain space
  • NudesToken launched a “meme-to-earn” website and two NFT collections; conducted a snapshot of one of its NFT series, burnt 50 trillion NUDES tokens worth more than US $100,00 at time of burning, and conducted an airdrop of NEP-17 NUDES tokens to Save the Flamingos and Neoverse NFTs.
  • TOTHEMOON completed the first airdrop of Item NFTs to wallets containing Character type NFTs, airdropping more than 43,000 Item NFTs. TOTHEMOON also took a snapshot of the Neo blockchain for its second Generation Moon Create airdrop.
  • TranslateMe added Swahili and Korean to its API.
  • Wexford began minting its first full-length studio album on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace. The album is stored on NeoFS and is the first album to be released as an NFT on Neo N3.

Developer communities news

  • COZ
  • AxLabs released neow3j v3.17, supporting new features of the recent Neo release 3.2.1 and making other updates.



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