GhostMarket Joins the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program

4 min readNov 10, 2021


Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced GhostMarket, a cross-chain NFT marketplace that supports six blockchains, as the latest partner accepted into the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program.

Through the Early Adoption Program (part of Neo’s broader $200 million investment allocated to support growth of the Neo ecosystem), NGD has dedicated $10 million to foster buildout of high-potential projects on the developer-friendly, all-in-one Neo N3 blockchain platform. The Early Adoption Program particularly prioritizes support for projects focused on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DeFi (decentralized finance), NeoFS and Neo Oracle use cases, games, or general infrastructure (including Lay2 protocols, scalability, privacy, and decentralized autonomous organizations [DAOs]).

GhostMarket allows users to buy or sell NFTs in bulk across various wallets. Users can participate in three types of auctions when buying and selling NFTs: classic, Dutch, and reserve. When a user mints an NFT on GhostMarket, royalties can be baked into the smart contract so that the creator gets a percentage of revenue each time the NFT is sold. GhostMarket also provides the differentiating factor of supporting cross-platform carryover of royalties — even if the NFT is sold on a different marketplace.

As a powerful NFT marketplace that supports blockchains including Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Neo N3, Phantasma, Polygon, and Avalanche, GhostMarket seeks to become a one-stop shop for all things NFT, meeting the needs of collectors, artists, and big brands alike. For NFT collectors, a key attraction of GhostMarket is the wide range of artists, musicians, and game developers who create and share their digital works on the marketplace. Collectors engage in fully trustless NFT trading in the marketplace, facilitated by smart contracts on each integrated blockchain. NFT creators use GhostMarket’s Self Mint Platform to create and sell their NFTs that include added properties such as time-based access, multi-layer, royalties and infusion of assets inside the NFT.

GhostMarket and Neo N3

The GhostMarket team, based in Portugal, had previously built multiple projects on the Neo Legacy MainNet platform. Then in August of 2021, the team gained the distinction of deploying the first usable dApp on the Neo N3 MainNet, enabling GhostMarket users to mint, sell, and trade NFTs on the Neo N3 blockchain.

Vincent Geneste, CEO of GhostMarket, said that the team is proud to be among the first NFT players to fully integrate into the Neo N3 ecosystem. “Being part of Neo N3 from the start was part of our goal from the day that Neo N3 was announced,” he said.

Geneste described the process of migrating to Neo N3 as smooth and straightforward and said that the low transaction fees and single block finality made Neo N3 a natural choice for everything NFT-related. “The wide variety of smart contract languages made it easy to port over what we had to Neo N3,” he said. “Integrating Neo N3 from scratch was a breeze. The effort it took to do so fully was much lower than it would have been on some other blockchains.”

Additionally, while working on their own smart contracts, the team was able to help test and fix some features of the Neo blockchain, according to Geneste. “It’s important to us to be part of something bigger than ourselves where we can really make an impact and help the community,” he said.

What’s next for GhostMarket and Neo N3

The GhostMarket team sees participation in the Early Adoption Program as the natural next step both to foster their growth within the Neo ecosystem and to enable them to further contribute to the ecosystem. “The program’s support will allow us to help build a stronger community, while also giving people access to an NFT marketplace where anyone can create, buy, or sell their own NFTs,” Geneste said.

Looking ahead, in the near term the GhostMarket team aims to roll out several features related to third-party integrations. These features will enable users to place their own listings on GhostMarket and get rewarded for doing so via commissions. The team will also soon make available a fully featured SDK to enable people to use APIs to build their Neo dApps with NFT support. Additionally, the team supports all four Neo N3 wallets (NeoLine, O3, OneGate, and NEON) and is now working with most of them to enhance the NFT user experience with the goal of making it more convenient to browse and buy NFTs directly in wallet.

As a further goal, GhostMarket plans to improve its social features such as the ability to follow and like artist profiles. The team also aims to add NFT chain swaps from and to Neo N3. Other plans include working to offer users single-click deployment for their own NEP-11 contracts, as well as further simplifying NFT sales for creators by enabling them to run customized NFT sales in a few clicks.

John Wang, Head of Neo Eco-Growth, sees ongoing potential for GhostMarket to grow within and contribute to the Neo ecosystem. “As a powerful, full-featured NFT marketplace, GhostMarket can offer all kinds of NFT-related features, such as selling, discovering, creating, and purchasing,” he noted. “Meanwhile, its cross-chain capabilities will enable users to access a variety of digital collectibles — including Neo, Phantasma, BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum — all on the same platform.”

“GhostMarket is a valued partner in our ecosystem,” Wang said. “We expect them to continue their trajectory of growth and become an increasingly important part of Neo’s presence in the NFT area. In turn, we look forward to helping them collaborate with other Neo N3 projects in the ecosystem as everyone works together to build the future of the smart economy.”

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