iMe Smart Platform Project Joins the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program

4 min readNov 22, 2021

Neo Global Development (NGD) has welcomed a 10th partner to the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program: iMe Smart Platform, a native-messaging smart platform powered by the Telegram API, with built-in artificial intelligence and crypto wallet functionalities.

The Early Adoption Program incentivizes development of new dApps on the all-in-one Neo N3 platform, with decentralized finance (DeFi) as one key area of priority. Program members receive financial resources and incubation opportunities to accelerate growth. This program is part of a broader $200M set of investments allocated across multiple tracks to support the Neo ecosystem’s growth, nurturing projects from those of grassroots developers to those of established businesses and institutions.

The iMe ecosystem comprises a messenger, iMe Crypto Wallet, integrated DeFi tools, and a native utility token ($LIME) that includes numerous utilities (such as supporting a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) infrastructure for the iMe ecosystem and others) for its holders. Binance Pay is already available in iMe for Android and iOS users.

The Telegram-based iMe Messenger app includes a built-in translator, neurobots (personal chat assistants trained on neural networks to provide users with suggestions for quick, relevant chat replies), and a range of other features.

The iMe Crypto Wallet provides secure, simple transfers of crypto assets within iMe chats, by user Telegram handle, or by the classic method of transfer to public addresses. The iMe Crypto Wallet supports numerous coins from multiple networks (Ethereum and BSC today, with work in progress on more integrations).

The platform is integrated with the popular DEX Uniswap exchange and is in the process of integrating with PancakeSwap. Integration with Simplex enables users to buy cryptocurrencies via credit card, and the integration with Binance Pay is in the process of opening access for iMe users to one of the most popular crypto payment platforms in the market.

By making available integrated advanced DeFi functionalities through Telegram (which reached some 550 million monthly active users in 2021), the iMe Smart Platform aims to open easy access to crypto tools to the masses — including users new to crypto and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike. “We believe that with the functionalities and features we have incorporated into the iMe platform, we are helping drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, in particular, and blockchain technology, in general,” said Alex Borutskiy, iMe cofounder and chief business development officer.

iMe and Neo N3

The iMe and NGD teams see high compatibility between their objectives and visions.

“As we’ve watched the steady rise of Neo, the technology, the development, the constant updates, the clearly defined roadmap, and the commitment to the community to bring the best technology solutions to this market have made Neo stand out,” said Borutskiy. “We love projects that seek to push their boundaries to create a really efficient service, solution, platform, or tool. We believe that there is synergy in thought and vision between iMe and Neo.”

This alignment made the iMe project a good match for the Early Adoption Program, Borutskiy said. He also noted the strength of the Neo ecosystem community as a strong draw. “The Neo community is vibrant and united. We see a great example of a healthy, mutually synergistic relationship between a community and project here,” he said. “We like the audience that Neo has attracted, and we believe that we have many things to offer them.”

Looking toward working within the Neo ecosystem, the iMe team plans to involve the community in farming and staking campaigns, contests, and other activities. “We’ve seen that the Neo community is extremely responsive and always provides good feedback,” said Borutskiy. “The iMe app’s functionality will expand over time, and this community’s engagement will provide a valuable feedback loop to help us keep our present services functioning well, create new functionalities, and drive innovation.”

The iMe team has a compelling roadmap ahead. Seeking to bring the best of current financial and DeFi capabilities into the iMe platform to drive mainstream crypto adoption, the team is working now to integrate crypto functionality (crypto wallet, DeFi tools, farming and staking, programs for lending and borrowing, and Binance Pay) into the messaging platform.

A few of the key objectives among the team’s extensive set of goals ahead include additional DeFi tool integrations; new technology additions to continue fostering mainstream adoption of crypto tools; integration of popular blockchains; PancakeSwap integration (coming this week); NFT tokens support and introduction of NFT neurobots (where neurobots in chats will be represented as NFT assets); and a range of other new objectives to offer value to the community.

John Wang, Head of Neo Eco-Growth, expects a robust and well-aligned partnership ahead with iMe. “iMe brings a significant set of advantages in terms of practical applications for the Neo ecosystem,” said Wang. “The iMe Smart Platform is an amazing project with a wealth of features that will continue to expand over time, including innovative applications of various popular concepts in cryptocurrencies — such as DeFi, NFTs, and DAO. We look to the iMe platform to play a central role in the Neo N3 ecosystem going forward.”

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