METAFORRA Joins the Neo Global Development (NGD) EcoBoost Program

4 min readFeb 15, 2023

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted METAFORRA into the EcoBoost program. METAFORRA is a GameFi ecosystem that comprises mobile and cross-platform games, an NFT marketplace, and an EdTech platform. Through the EcoBoost program, METAFORRA will benefit from a range of support and incubation opportunities to support its expansion into Web3 gaming.

About the EcoBoost program

EcoBoost is a USD $200 million business incubation program designed to build and maintain a strong network of partners that can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle. The EcoBoost program is Neo’s home for incubating small- and medium-sized project teams who develop on or seek to integrate with or migrate to the Neo N3 blockchain.

EcoBoost is one of the ways that NGD drives ecosystem growth and facilitates expansion of multifunctional dApps on the Neo blockchain. Through such efforts, NGD continues to expand Neo’s presence in the wider crypto community and provide resulting utility for the NEO token.


METAFORRA has extensive experience with successful online game development, including Web2-based games with more than 1 million downloads. Building on this success, the team is now levelling up to apply their expertise to the world of Web3 gaming.

Futuructa, a mobile merge game similar to the Evermerge puzzle game, is METAFORRA’s first crypto-based game. Futuructa applies a hybrid Web2 / Web3 model to solve three problems common among Web3 games:

  • Web3 gaming apps typically are not available in the AppStore and Google Play
  • Web3 game users complain of painful game onboarding that requires an external wallet connection
  • Some poorly built Web3 games neglect both gameplay and player experiences

With Fructuructa, METAFORRA combines a hybrid Web2 / Web3 model with an approach focused on P&E (play and earn, with an emphasis on quality gameplay that keeps gamers engaged, with the added benefit of passive earnings) rather than P2E (play to earn, with an emphasis on earning). The resulting game addresses all of three of the Web3 issues discussed here. The Futuructa game:

  • Is already available for download in the AppStore for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices
  • Lets users skip registration and head straight to play the game right after downloading the game
  • Was designed with special attention to quality in every aspect of game mechanics and player experience, true to the P&E approach


NGD and METAFORRA welcome this synergistic partnership as an opportunity to help to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through the medium of gaming.

The METAFORRA team has a proven track record of launching popular, immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Combining their expertise and reach with Neo’s trusted, decentralized, and feature-rich technology, METAFORRA’s development team can create a gaming ecosystem that offers players more control over their assets and their data than Web2 games allow.

Anuar Balgimbayev, CEO and co-founder of METAFORRA, sees the partnership as complementary on several levels. “Together, our game development studio and the Neo blockchain network will bring the gaming industry to new heights,” said Balgimbayev. “Our collaboration will leverage the power and security of the Neo blockchain with the creativity and innovation of our studio. The result will be a decentralized, transparent, and inclusive gaming ecosystem for players and developers alike.”

“This collaboration will also bring together our user-centric approach to gaming with Neo’s exceptional scalability and interoperability, resulting in a gaming experience that is more inclusive and accessible for players,” Balgimbayev said.

NGD and METAFORRA also expect the partnership to allow both parties to expand their reach. METAFORRA can reach new audiences through the use of established blockchain technology. Likewise, Neo can attract new users through METAFORRA’s engaging, high-quality gaming experiences.

Balgimbayev described some of the elements that drew METAFORRA to the Neo platform. “We heard that the Neo network upgraded their protocol to the N3 version. So we decided to take a look at what’s new,” he said. “We saw that Neo N3 has become a much more developer-friendly blockchain. At the same time, Neo now offers improved scalability and interoperability that will allow us to create a truly innovative and inclusive gaming ecosystem.” As a startup, METAFORRA also finds the grant opportunities that EcoBoost provides important for the company.

“We at Neo are pleased to embark on this new partnership with METAFORRA as a valued addition to our ecosystem’s growing GameFi presence,” said John Wang, Director of EcoGrowth at Neo. “We expect that the streamlined onboarding and engaging gameplay experiences METAFORRA can offer will make it easy for users new to blockchain to experience its benefits firsthand.”

About Neo

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