Migration of Cross-Chain NEO Assets to Neo N3

1 min readDec 1, 2021

There are currently multiple types of cross-chain NEO assets wrapped on other blockchains (such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Heco, and so on). In order to deliver a streamlined and hassle-free user experience, the NGD will directly administrate the migration of these assets. Upon completion of the migration process, users may choose to receive their cross-chain NEO assets generated previously as bNEO on Neo N3.

bNEO is a standard NEP-17 token with 8 decimals. It can be redeemed to NEO at a 1:1 ratio on NeoBurger.

Please make sure that:

  1. You are using a valid Neo N3 address to receive and swap bNEO.
  2. A small amount of GAS (on Neo N3) is needed to cover the transaction fee from bNEO to NEO since N3 does not provide free transactions.

The migration is already underway and should be completed within 1–2 days. Please stay tuned for the official update soon.

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