Neo-CLI v3.6.0 Testnet and Mainnet Upgrade Notice

1 min readSep 6


Neo-CLI v3.6.0 was released on September 5th, 2023, and will be deployed to T5 TestNet on September 6th,2023, and to MainNet on September 20th, 2023. Below is a list of improvements and optimizations included in this release:

  • Neo-VM supports new OpCode: ABORTMSG and ASSERTMSG.
  • Support find contract by contract id.
  • Smart contract supports ZKP-Groth16.
  • New attribute type: conflict, is added into transaction Payloads. Unconfirmed transactions are able to be canceled.
  • New features on console log to make it more pretty.
  • New Plugin for neo-cli: StorageDumper. It allows exporting modified storage.
  • New API for RPC: FindStorage. It allows finding storage by storage key or prefix.
  • All projects are upgraded to .net 7.0.
  • Harkfork Basilisk for testnet is on Block 2680000.
  • Harkfork Basilisk for mainnet is on Block 4120000.

Please note: This upgrade involves changes to native contracts and the VM. When upgrading, it’s essential to resynchronize data. Do not use the old version of the configuration file, config.json.




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