Neo Launches NeoChat — A New Encrypted Messaging Platform

3 min readMar 20, 2023


Neo is proud to announce the launch of its new messaging platform, NeoChat, designed to provide users with a simple and secure way to communicate with each other using encrypted messages and a wallet address as their ID.

With the emergence of more interpersonal interactions on blockchain networks, the need for maintaining privacy while allowing a direct way to communicate is increasingly important. NeoChat addresses this need, offering users a messaging platform that is both fast and secure.

NeoChat allows for address-to-address instant chat with Neo-compatible addresses or NeoNS domains. Chat messages are accessible from via PC by using the NeoLine Chrome extension or on mobile via OneGate.

NeoChat offers end-to-end encryption, meaning that users can communicate with each other without worrying about message breaches. If a user receives a message from an unwanted source, they can simply block the owner from contacting them.

As an added bonus, early NeoChat users can also talk to ChatGPT directly on the platform without paying any fees in its current stage.

ChatGPT launch competition

To celebrate the launch of NeoChat, we’re hosting a competition with 500 GAS in prizes! To enter, users must interact with ChatGPT via NeoChat to create a funny, quirky, or interesting description of Neo. Users must then forward their entries to Campaign Manager (default account in NeoChat) to be in the running to win.

Need inspiration? We asked ChatGPT to describe Neo in the style of Shakespeare, and here is what it came up with:

Oh fair Neo, whereupon thy ledger lies

A wealth of value and of enterprise

With transactions swift, and fees so low

Thou art the envy of the world below

You may ask ChatGPT to write about Neo in the form of a poem, a scene based on your favorite show, a riddle, a joke, a description in the style of a famous personality, or any other creative prompt you might imagine.

The top 20 submissions from participants that have a NeoNS alias will receive 15 GAS each, while the top 20 submissions from basic wallet addresses will receive 1 GAS each.

If you need to register a NeoNS name, you can do so at for as low as 2 GAS plus fees. Details on how to use your name as an alias can be found here under How do I use a NeoNS domain as an alias for my Neo address?.

Neo will share the best submissions with the community for voting, with 100 GAS to be randomly distributed to 100 voters.

Additionally, Neo will open a channel on the Neo Discord to collect feedback on your overall NeoChat experience. 80 GAS has been reserved to reward community members who provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

Entries will open on March 20th and close on April 2nd. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore NeoChat and win some prizes while doing so!

Looking forward

Moving into the future, Neo is currently working with several ecosystem projects on NeoChat integration so that it can be used as a feature with various dApps. This integration will allow users to communicate with one another in dApps where secure messaging has not yet been available.

Further, Neo will continue to work on new features and improvements for NeoChat, such as group chats. These features will be rolled out in the future to enhance the user experience and utility of the platform.

Visit to create an account and start chatting with your friends today.