Neo Legacy MainNet GAS Generation Stoppage at Block Height of 8,000,000 Is Almost Here

The Neo Legacy MainNet will stop generating GAS tokens when it hits the block height milestone of 8,000,000. Based on current block-out speed, we expect this to occur shortly — as soon as September 19, 2021.

Both to ensure consistency in the total GAS supply on Neo Legacy and the go-forward Neo N3 blockchain, and to provide continuity for users participating in N3 governance, the Legacy MainNet will stop generating GAS tokens when this milestone is reached. At this point, the go-forward GAS generation will shift to Neo N3. Total GAS supply will be fixed at 52,000,000 in alignment with the starting supply of GAS on Neo N3.

You must migrate to N3 to generate new GAS and get the most out of the Neo ecosystem after this transition

As a token holder, you need to migrate your tokens from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 so you can continue to get the most out of the Neo ecosystem and use the latest Neo dApps. Doing so also will enable you to participate in governance and receive increased GAS rewards by voting for Neo Council members to manage and decentralize the Neo network.

Even though NEO token holders can only generate new GAS tokens on Neo N3 after the Legacy MainNet hits the 8,000,000 milestone, any NEO holders with remaining GAS on Neo Legacy will continue to be able to claim it.

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GAS token generation changeover: Neo Legacy MainNet to stop GAS generation at block height 8,000,000

Migration to Neo N3 blockchain: Neo N3 MainNet launch & migration plan




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Official Twitter Feed: @Neo_Blockchain

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