Neo Partners with OKX to Launch APAC-focused Hackathon to Recruit Talent and Foster in-Region Web3 Growth

5 min readJul 6, 2023


Neo APAC Hackathon features online and offline events across six APAC cities, offering total prize and grant fund of $1.1 million.

July 5th, 2023 — Neo, the leading open-source, community-driven blockchain platform, proudly announces the launch of the Neo APAC Hackathon in partnership with OKX. The event includes a total prize pool of $120,000 for event winners and a post-hackathon grant fund of $1 million, provided by Neo Foundation and dedicated to fostering blockchain growth in line with recent positive regulatory developments in the APAC region. Neo extends a warm invitation to all Web3 enthusiasts and talented individuals across various Web3 categories, encompassing both Neo N3 and EVM. The Hackathon will run from July to October, 2023, featuring a combination of virtual participation sessions and engaging offline events across six prominent APAC cities.

The Neo APAC Hackathon represents another proof point of Neo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing exceptional talent, fostering ecosystem growth, and driving the revitalization of the Web3 industry in the APAC region. Neo’s partnership with OKX recognizes the combined synergy and impact that will be made possible by joining forces.

Categories, Prizes, and Associated Benefits

Reflecting its status as a driver of innovation and cooperation across the Web3 industry, Neo is for the first time this year opening its doors to EVM-based (Ethereum Virtual Machine) projects in parallel with Neo N3 projects. Participants at this year’s Hackathon can develop across five categories:

  • DeFi and Payment
  • NFT and Gaming
  • AI, Social and DAO
  • Infrastructure and Tooling
  • General

Each category has a final prize of $10,000. Category winners will be announced at the finale in Hong Kong and will be awarded in NEO tokens.

In addition to the grand prize for the finale, the Neo APAC Hackathon offers additional rewards and benefits for participants in the offline events held in the five APAC cities leading up to the Hong Kong finale. During each offline event, two teams in attendance will be selected and honored with an Excellence Prize of $5,000.

Moreover, the winners of the Excellence Prize, along with ten teams shortlisted from the online submissions, will receive travel grants to attend the Hong Kong finale. This support ensures that these teams can engage fully in the event, facilitating meaningful interactions and effective communication.

To foster innovation within Neo’s ecosystem and contribute to the prosperity of Web3 in APAC beyond the event itself, the Neo Foundation has earmarked a special post-Hackathon grant fund of $1 million to further support elite talents in the region discovered through the Neo APAC Hackathon.

Sessions, Locations and Schedules

The Neo APAC Hackathon embraces a hybrid approach, blending virtual and on-site participation to maximize outreach and foster communication. The sessions and the approximate time frames are as follows:

Virtual Participation Session: July — September

Virtual Participation Session consists of a Virtual Kick-Off, Panel Discussion, Coding Workshop and Office Hour, for Web3 enthusiasts across the APAC to participate without geographic boundaries.

City GAS Stations: July 22nd — September 10th

GAS Stations will be hosted in five APAC cities: Tokyo (Japan), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Bangalore (India), Seoul (South Korea), and Singapore, each with a two-day hacking weekend to allow elite Web3 developers to showcase skills and forge valuable connections. Registration is needed prior to the event at the Neo APAC Hackathon website.

Hong Kong Finale and Winner Announcement Ceremony: October 14th to 15th

The invite-only finale will provide participants with an exciting opportunity to experience the thrilling final competition, where they will showcase their projects and deliver captivating demos. During the Hong Kong Finale, the winners of the grand prizes for each of the five categories will be determined and announced. This prestigious event is expected to attract attention from APAC and global media, as well as investors and developer communities worldwide.

Here are some important dates for taking part in the Neo APAC Hackathon:

Registration Period: July 5th — September 24th

Registration is needed prior to the event in order to attend any GAS Station. This enables efficient communication of logistics and can help solo developers connect quickly with prospective team members based on their submitted skill sets.

Submission Period: July 22, 2023 — September 24, 2023

Submissions are accepted both online and offline. Prize winners will only be selected from submitted projects.

*Please note that the date might be subject to changes due to the evolving situation. Follow Neo’s Twitter and join Discord for the most timely updates.

Elevating the Neo APAC Hackathon: Strengthening Excellence through Collaboration with OKX

Neo’s APAC Hackathon operates within the favorable regulatory environment of the APAC region.We are grateful for the support and collaboration of our industry partners. As part of the partnership, OKX will be designing a series of unique NFTs for participants in the Hackathon, in addition to promoting opportunities for participants to collaborate and innovate further with OKX.

Launching the Hackathon, Da Hongfei, Founder with Neo said: “The whole team here at Neo is absolutely delighted to launch this year’s Hackathon for the APAC region, building on the resounding successes of our previous events and under the favorable regulatory environment of the APAC region. Through our Hackathon, we aim to attract and support the finest in blockchain and Web3 talent, alongside exciting startups working in the blockchain industry, and truly introduce people to the capabilities that developing on Neo provides. I encourage all developers interested in blockchain and Web3 to get involved in our Hackathon. We look forward to seeing an exceptional set of projects, celebrating the winner at our prestigious event in Hong Kong, and showcasing the finest talent in the APAC region.”

Jason Lau, Chief Innovation Officer at OKX, stated, “We have always been committed to the development of web 3 industry infrastructure. This collaboration with Neo for the APAC Hackathon is another great example. We eagerly support the growth of the web3 developer community in APAC and look forward to what these builders will accomplish.”

Register NOW!

Neo extends a sincere invitation to all Web3 enthusiasts to participate in the APAC Hackathon. Register now for the opportunity to engage in knowledge sharing, networking, gain media exposure, compete for awards, and even explore potential investment opportunities. Neo is committed to providing an exceptional hackathon journey for all participants. We will spare no efforts to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

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