Neo Welcomes Quirky Soul College to the EcoBoost Program

4 min readAug 11, 2023


Neo Global Development (NGD) has welcomed Quirky Soul College (QSC), a vibrant community comprising 10,000 unique NFTs, to the prestigious Neo EcoBoost program. With an innovative and engaging approach to interacting with collectibles through blockchain technology, QSC brings a fresh and exciting dimension to the ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, Neo aims to provide comprehensive support to QSC, nurturing its growth into a decentralized community. This community is envisioned to empower owners of specific digital assets by endowing them with credits and liquidity, further advancing the evolution of the digital landscape.

Neo EcoBoost: Integrating business incubation and support throughout the project lifecycle

EcoBoost is a USD $200 million business incubation program offered through the Neo Foundation. The program focuses on building out a strong partner network and supporting promising Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle. EcoBoost incubates small- and medium-sized project teams that are initiated on, migrate to, or seek to integrate with the Neo N3 blockchain.

The EcoBoost program embodies one of many ways that NGD drives ecosystem growth and facilitates the expansion of multifunctional dApps on the Neo blockchain. Through such efforts, NGD continues to expand Neo’s presence in the wider blockchain community and provide resulting utility for the NEO token.

Quirky Soul College: Unleashing the power of trainable NFTs with voting rights and rewards

Quirky Soul College is a collection of 10,000 dynamic NFTs called Quirky Souls. Each character is unique and generated randomly on-chain upon minting with traits and statistics that characterize its appearance, rarity, and strengths.

Owning a Quirky Soul enables a user to enroll in the College and start training their character by sending it on ventures through the environment’s Night to fight monsters and obtain rewards. Users also can vote on decisions that will shape the story of the College and its students.

Quirky Soul College’s token, Fresh Dark Elixir (FDE), functions as the main way to interact with the Quirky Soul College world. These tokens enable users to venture or heal their characters. The tokens also can be earned as rewards when a mission is completed successfully.

Neo and Quirky Soul College: Revolutionizing Interaction with Digital Assets

Neo provides a robust, scalable environment for developing cutting-edge decentralized applications. With its developer-friendly features, Neo offers powerful tools for contract creation, testing, and debugging, alongside a thriving community of developers, ensuring a seamless development journey for Quirky Soul College.

Michael Fabozzi, founder of QCS, is a veteran developer on the Neo blockchain. Fabozzi also founded the Rentfuse project, an award winner in the 2021 Neo Launchpad hackathon. Fabozzi described the Neo blockchain as the natural choice for the QCS project.

“From a technology standpoint, Neo N3 is incredible. It offers a huge developer toolset for easily creating smart contracts, wallets that are easy to use and interact with, single block finality with an under-10 second block time, and an integrated VRF (verifiable random function) feature,” said Fabozzi. “All of this made it natural for us to decide to continue building on Neo after Rentfuse. With QSC, we rely heavily on the VRF to handle randomness for the gameplay. Neo makes using VRF incredibly easy: It’s fully integrated, cheap, and simple. There’s no need for external services. Neo gives us all we need to create something awesome out of the box.”

Quirky Soul College is pioneering innovative and engaging methods to interact with collectibles, capitalizing on the capabilities of blockchain technology. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Neo’s vision of cultivating a dynamic NFT ecosystem where creativity thrives and ideas are nurtured, transforming how individuals interact with digital assets.

Fabozzi expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Neo and contribute to a growing ecosystem fueled by innovation. Being part of the EcoBoost program is a wonderful opportunity to further advance the development of QSC and its world. We’re already benefiting from valued support with funding, community growth, and joint brainstorming. Thanks to the Neo team, we aim to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming with innovative and intriguing mechanics that bring a new shade of life to NFTs.”

“NFTs play a significant role as a representation of decentralized identity and digital assets on the blockchain,” said John Wang, Director of Eco Growth at Neo. “We at Neo continue our dedication to fostering the success of NFT-based projects in our ecosystem.”

Wang extended a warm welcome to QSC. “Neo and Quirky Soul College share a common vision for the optimized digital realm of the future. The Neo blockchain offers a landscape of limitless innovation and possibilities that can reshape the future of NFTs,” he said. “Through the EcoBoost program, we are delighted to support Quirky Soul College in forging connections between the physical and digital realms.”

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