Neoverse NFT Minting Guide

This tutorial will guide you through the process of placing an order, opening the blind boxes and minting an NFT.

  1. Connect to your Neoline Wallet. And make sure your Neoline wallet version is 3.4.3

2. After you connected to your Neoline wallet. Please click on BUY button.

3. Enter the quantity you'd like to buy. Maximum of 10 boxes of an order. Plus, buy 10 Blind Boxes and get 2 bonus Blind Boxes per order.

4. Click on BUY NOW button to ensure the order.

5. Click on Yes button to pay GAS fee.

6. After your order is completed. Click on VIEW NOW button to view your Blind Boxes.

7. Go to My NFT, and click on OPEN button to open your Blind Boxes.

8. Select Boxes that you wish to open. Maximum of 10 Boxes could be opened each time.

9. Click on Yes button to pay GAS fee.

10. After you have opened your Blind Boxes, you could check which types of elements you owned.

11. Once you have all of 9 elements, you could mint an NFT.

12. Click on Yes button to pay GAS fee.

13. After you have minted an NFT, you could check what kind of NFT you owned.




Official Twitter Feed: @Neo_Blockchain

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Official Twitter Feed: @Neo_Blockchain

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