Pink Paper Joins the Neo Global Development (NGD) EcoBoost Program

3 min readDec 9, 2022

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted Pink Paper, a decentralized content publishing platform, into the EcoBoost program. Through EcoBoost, Neo will provide Pink Paper with support and incubation opportunities to help the project enter the market.

About the EcoBoost program

EcoBoost is a business incubation program focused on building a strong network of partners who can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle. This program fosters the incubation of small- and medium-sized project teams who develop on or seek to integrate with or migrate to the Neo N3 blockchain.

The USD $200 million EcoBoost program is one of the ways that NGD drives ecosystem growth and facilitates expansion of multifunctional dApps on the Neo blockchain. Through such efforts, NGD continues to expand Neo’s presence in the wider crypto community and provide resulting utility for the NEO token.

About Pink Paper

Pink Paper is a cross-chain platform that provides decentralized, censorship-free publishing for individuals and communities worldwide. The platform enables users to publish and showcase blogs and other content while retaining full rights and control of their own content. The platform also makes it possible for users to raise funds for their endeavors, enabling others to donate to support potentially world-changing technologies.

Platform features include

  • Decentralized publishing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Tipping
  • A reputation system
  • Social profiling

The Pink Paper team seeks to address needs including

  • Provide a censorship-free platform that does not limit expression of ideas, in contrast to the censorship-heavy approach of Web2-based social platforms provided by big tech companies
  • Enable true content ownership
  • Facilitate community funding

Pink Paper and Neo

“The Neo leadership team is pleased to welcome a decentralized communication platform to the EcoBoost program and the Neo N3 blockchain,” said John Wang, Director of EcoGrowth at Neo. “We look forward to a partnership that’s mutually beneficial for Pink Paper and the Neo ecosystem.”

Building on Neo, the Pink Paper team will integrate NeoFS, a distributed, decentralized object storage network, into the Pink Paper platform’s storage layer. Rupin Marthur, founder of Pink Paper said, “I am truly excited to work with the Neo ecosystem and its partners. We intend to use the Neo N3 infrastructure to make Pink Paper into the golden standard of decentralized content publishing.”

Marthur praised Neo as a proven and sustainable solution that stands the test of time. “Our team strongly believes that Neo holds a wealth of untapped opportunities,” he said. “Neo has been the flag bearer of L1 solutions since 2017. Neo remains a reliable solution in an ever-evolving crypto market.”

Considering the complete set of capabilities of Neo N3, said Marthur, “Pink Paper together with Neo N3 is a partnership that can truly bring about the decentralization of information.”

About Neo

Founded as Antshares in 2014, Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform renowned for putting developers and builders at the heart of its vision. As one of the most established blockchains in the space, Neo has long focused on building an interoperable, dApp-rich ecosystem. Neo is now the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. The platform allows developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts and to code in traditional Web2 languages. It also provides powerful native infrastructures such as decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, creating a solid foundation for the next-gen Internet.

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