TOTHEMOON INC. Joins the N3 Early Adoption Program

2 min readSep 8, 2021

TOTHEMOON INC. has been accepted into Neo Global Development’s N3 Early Adoption Program, an initiative designed to support the burgeoning Neo N3 ecosystem. This partnership with NGD will provide TOTHEMOON with resources and incubation opportunities to accelerate the growth of the NFT gaming project.

TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE is a Metaverse on the moon. It plays host to a strategic, community-building game powered by NFTs. Players will engage in a new-age society built by Moon Plot Owners and Moon Teams, each with their own governance systems. TOTHEMOON will also feature play-to-earn blockchain games in “The Village.”

TOTHEMOON will reward early Character NFT collectors with Item NFTs and TTM token airdrops. Players who fulfill infrastructure build staking requirements will also be rewarded. These NFT staking requirements, along with a capped supply of each NFT, will contribute to a supply and demand economy. NFT collectors and Moon Plot Teams will be able to trade via the TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE marketplace.

The TOTHEMOON team was first introduced to Neo through the Neo Frontier Launchpad, a highly competitive, multi-phase global hackathon that showcased Neo N3’s powerful capabilities.

Affirming the project’s strength, TOTHEMOON won an Excellence Award along with entry into Neo’s Early Adoption Program, opening opportunities for mutual support, resource sharing, and community integration with NGD.

Moving forward, both parties aim to nurture a novel and community-driven project which will break new barriers.

TOTHEMOON INC has long been aware of Neo’s groundbreaking capabilities and innovations. With its boundary-pushing vision for the future, TOTHEMOON’s mission aligned with Neo’s, thus making Neo N3 the ideal platform for the project.

Likewise, the NGD team was impressed by TOTHEMOON’s rich gameplay and innovative usage of blockchain technology. NGD looks forward to introducing TOTHEMOON to the Neo community and realizing the smart economy of the future on N3 together.

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