December 2021 General Monthly Report

4 min readJan 31, 2022


Neo finished the year strong in December with a thriving and growing ecosystem on the Neo N3 blockchain, expanded support for Neo developers, and much to look forward to in 2022. Neo Global Development (NGD) and partner community leaders reflected on the achievements of 2021 and the promises of 2022 in a community review from Neo News Today and a holiday video message.

Topics in this month’s report include:

Migration news

Community engagement

Ecosystem growth

Developer group highlights

Migration news

Cross-chain asset migration: Neo announced the migration of cross-chain NEO assets from other blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Neo N3.

Community engagement

Neo wrapped up December with new information sessions, a new set of developer grants, a program for Neo content creators, and other news.


NGD hosted NeoLive sessions including:

Additionally, John Wang, head of Neo Eco Growth, was a featured guest in the Binance AMA series.

DevLog session for developers

In the December DevLog session, Claude Muller from AxLabs demonstrated how to develop a generic governance mechanism in a smart contract.

New program for Neo content creators

NGD introduced Neospective, a new content creation program. Neospective invites community members to create content about Neo and compete for prizes. Round One focused on diagram designs. Flamingo, GhostMarket, and TOTHEMOON created sub-tracks with more prizes.

Neoverse VIP privileges

NGD introduced a new chapter of Neoverse, the popular N3-themed NFT mint and collection event that celebrated the Neo N3 launch. The new phase of Neoverse is a collaboration with Neo partners. In this phase, Humswap, TOTHEMOON, and Flamingo Finance rolled out campaigns with exclusive benefits for Neoverse NFT holders.

Neo in the news

Expanded support for developers

  • The Neo Foundation introduced three new grant programs. Neo’s Eco Support ecosystem now dedicates $200 million USD to support developers on the Neo N3 blockchain.
  • John deVadoss, President of NGD Enterprise, spoke more about Neo’s developer enablement initiatives in this article.

Neo was nominated for and won the Best Infrastructure award in PANew’s Retrospect of 2021 poll.

Metathon grant sponsorship:

  • Metaverse Alliance launched the 2021 Global Metathon, a hackathon open to developers on any blockchain.
  • Neo sponsored a Metathon grant focused on asset management through smart contracts.
  • The Metaverse Alliance founder discussed the hackathon in a Neo AMA.

Ecosystem growth

Ecosystem partners packed a full set of initiatives into December. Highlights included transaction fee cuts, several minting initiatives, and release of new dashboards and other conveniences. Partners also delivered holiday fun with contests and giveaways. Some key updates this month included:

Everstake published an article on how to earn more rewards on Neo N3 by voting.

Flamingo Finance was elected to the Neo Council. It also:

Forthewin.Network enabled its legacy NEP-5 FTX tokens for migration to Neo N3, where its ticker symbol is FTW. It also enabled minting for FTW Rune (a series of NFTs).

GhostMarket cut minting fees for NFT Neo N3 by 50%. GhostMarket also marked milestones including:

  • Became the first N3 dApp to support Neon Wallet
  • Completed USD $2 million in fundraising through sales of the GM token
  • Announced its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Flamingo Finance

Humswap launched its NFT Bowl series. It also

  • Announced its Neospective contest sub-track
  • Held a Neo Candy airdrop
  • Announced a Q1 2022 airdrop of AntShares themed NFTs for Neoverse and Bowl holders
  • Announced a Q1 2022 Lucky Tiger airdrop for Bowl holders

Lyrebird submitted the smart contracts for its algorithmic stablecoin for audit.

Mercurial Apps launched a peer-to-peer trading platform for Neo N3 NFTs and tokens and trackers for Humswap and TOTHEMOON NFTs.

NeoBurger reduced fees to withdraw bNEO from the NeoBurger smart contract by 90% to 0.001 GAS per NEO. It also held the first NoBug governance token airdrop and launched a dashboard view of the total bNEO supply, daily GAS rewards, and NeoBurger’s node votes.

Rentfuse released a roadmap of upcoming activities on Neo N3.

Saffron Finance announced that its staking platform has integrated support for Neo N3 TestNet.

TOTHEMOON held giveaways leading up to the first minting of its Character type NFTs and opened a marketplace. It then launched four series of Character type NFTs that quickly sold out. TOTHEMOON also held giveaways through Neospective and a Neo Candy collaboration and announced an airdrop for holders of first-generation Moon Creature NFTs.

TranslateMe Network added Dutch, its 16th language, to its API.

Developer group highlights

December activity in the core development team focused on fixes and enhancements. A highlight included the release of new toolkits to simplify automated testing of smart contracts.

COZ’s upgrade of Neon Wallet to version 2.11.0 was another notable release. This opened dApps to Neon users and enabled Ledger use for all applications that implement WalletConnect.

Additionally, Neo SPCC published three articles on Neo N3 topics:

  • How Neo N3 makes transactions safer — read here
  • An example of high-performance capabilities on a Neo N3 network — read here
  • An approach to solving the challenges of multi-signature transactions with a notary subsystem — read here

See the November / December Development Monthly Report for a detailed update on development progress.

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